Summerhayes – Open – 21st April 2024

The following day we headed to Summerhayes for the open on Longs, 23 anglers fishing today and incredibly I managed to draw peg 13 for the second match on the trot. Its a peg I’ve been on a lot recently, brilliant for silvers and after all the time I’ve spent sat on it, you’d think I’d know how to fish it by now but I’m not getting it right at all! Nick drew peg 1 on ‘Cyanide Straight’ and Zooner was on 4 yet again and is now having his post and milk delivered there.

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Another familiar view!

My neighbours for the day were Kev O on 12 with Nigel Bartlett to my left and in-form Alex Kerr was on 17. The usual rigs were brought out to fish lines at 11.5, 14.5 and 16 metres and there were loads of maggots and some groundbait on the side tray.

On the whistle I also fed a top two line for somewhere to start while the longer lines settled, after a few minutes I hooked and landed a carp so that was enough of that! Nigel got off to a bright start with several small skimbobs and a couple of better ones. I was getting the odd small fish from the 11.5 metre lines but also pulled out of a decent skimmer and came back with a little scale on the hook.

The second hour was pretty much a write off for me and from what I could see, most people were struggling apart from Alex who was catching some nice skimmers and had also landed ‘Brian the 5lb bream’. I’d been pinning my hopes on the longer lines where I’d been feeding maggots since the start but it’s not really happened there either with just the odd roach and a rather worrying lack of skimmers!

With two hours remaining I’ve gone to 16 metres and although I managed a couple of decent hybrids and some more roach, I couldn’t believe how hard it was. I would have blamed the weather or said it’s because the skimmers were thinking about spawning if it weren’t for the fact that Alex had caught steadily all day!

The weigh in started with Dan T on 38 who’d done well again with 7lb 12oz of silvers, Nick had 5lb 15oz, Rob chucked back on 3 and Zooner weighed 5lb 7oz. Dave Romain on 6 had 38lb 3oz of carp, Chris W weighed 34lb 3oz and then Glynn on 10 went into the silvers lead with 8lb 5oz. Jim J didn’t weigh, Kev had 28lb 12oz and then my carp went 24lb 14oz and the silvers added 7lb.

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Dan T had some decent skimmers for 7lb 12oz

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Dave Romain weighed 38lb 3oz on peg 6

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Glynn was second in the silvers with 8lb 5oz

Nigel pipped me with 7lb 5oz and then Alex had a brilliant 20lb 15oz to go into the silvers lead. Martin Addicott weighed 44lb 12oz on peg 18, Adie had 36lb 8oz and then Hollywood weighed an excellent 74lb 13oz from unfancied peg 23. Bill ‘The Paste’ had 47lb 4oz, the next couple of pegs chucked back and Roger C on 30 weighed 21lb 12oz.

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Alex won the silvers with 20lb 15oz which included ‘Brian the bream’

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Martin A on 18 had 44lb 12oz

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Not only does he look good, he can fish a bit! Hollywood won again, this time with 74lb 13oz

Steve Collins continued his fine run of form with 52lb 11oz on peg 32, Big Bad Bob weighed 43lb 15oz and then Tom R went into second spot with 55lb from peg 35.

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Steve Collins added to his next holiday fund with 52lb 11oz and third spot

1 – Ian Williams (Summerhayes) – 74lb 13oz
2 – Tom Rattenbury (Summerhayes) – 55lb
3 – Steve Collins (Summerhayes) – 52lb 11oz

1 – Alex Kerr (Summerhayes) – 20lb 15oz
2 – Glynn Wickham (Summerhayes) – 8lb 5oz
3 – Dan Taggart (Summerhayes) – 7lb 12oz

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Summerhayes answer to Morecombe and Wise (or should it be Beavis and Butthead!) were first and third today

A disappointing weekend for me, Alex was miles ahead of everyone else but after his weight it was really tight with just 1lb 5oz between second and fifth place! I was left scratching my head a bit after today, like I alluded to earlier, it sort of felt like it’s fished hard for silvers but then even taking Brian the bream out of the equation, Alex has doubled the next weight so he’s obviously got it sorted.

Rob Cox kindly donated £2, Nick added another squid and Zooner’s pound took the Nugget-O-Meter to £169.

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