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Against Men and Fish – The Book

Writing the blog has allowed me to realise several ambitions, writing for Southern Angler, appearing in both Match Fishing magazine and Angler’s Mail but I always harboured a little dream of getting a book published. In my mind though, that was all it ever was, a pipe dream, as I had no real clue how to go about it or the mechanisms


New Site Supporter

I always get quite excited when I’m contacted by a company and it’s usually to ask if I will review their latest products on the blog, to me it’s a huge privilege and an unexpected perk although I’m also not that naïve to not realise it’s a good way of getting very cheap advertising. So when the latest e-mail pinged into my inbox I was


More Exciting Times

I went past 100,000 page views tonight and to say I’m over the moon would be an understatement and I’m so grateful to everybody who reads my blog and follows my highs and lows in the world of match fishing. Against Men and Fish is really going from strength to strength and I now have 437 ‘likes’ on my Facebook page and


Exciting times for Against Men and Fish

A little while ago I did a review of the Fishing UK app, which can be read here and I am delighted to announce that they have asked me to become part of their blogging team and of course I said yes! My first post on the site was just a little introduction about myself but in the coming weeks I