Month: November 2009


Dillington Pond – V.E.S. Precision League – 29th November 2009

As I drove to the draw I went over the Isle at Donyatt and the river looked awful so I knew we’d be on the pond. There were twelve of us fishing and I drew peg 10, which put me on the side with the wind in my face – great. Also my peg was between two trees and as I’d decided


Ilminster Canal – Crown Winter League – 22nd November 2009

With the river unfishable again and Robin and Neil away playing darts, it was down to me and Alvin to sort out round three of the Crown league. I really couldn’t face another stint out Dillington so I was up for giving the canal a go. With ten of us fishing, we should just about all fit down there. I’d drawn peg


Dillington Pond – 15th November 2009

After awful weather on Saturday and the river unfishable we were headed for Dillington pond (despite my best efforts trying to get Robin to put some pegs on the canal). There were only ten fishing as several people, including my mate Janders, decided against a trip out to the pond. I drew peg 22 (the pumphouse) and I really dislike the peg


River Isle – 8th November 2009

After last weeks wash out, we decided to have a sweep and try and get a decent days fishing. Robin had put in some good pegs including the tank traps (14), pegs 24, 27, 28 and 29, along with 125 and 126 at Isle Brewers. One peg I really didn’t fancy was 17 although you get the choice of 18 as well


River Isle – V.E.S. Precision Winter League – 1st November 2009

With loads of rain in the night and more forecast for today plus high winds, I was thinking it might be cancelled today but as I drove over the river it looked nice with some colour and pace. I got to the draw and it was on the river and Robin had put pegs in that would give people some cover. I