Mission Impossible Update – 24th April 2012

Just a quick update on my Mission Impossible, my second Korum Challenge badge arrived today for the bream/skimmer I caught down the resi.

My chub badge is no longer lonely!

When the weather warms up a bit, next on the hit list will be carp, tench and crucians and although not strictly a ‘Mission’, I haven’t forgotten Mr Mullet and will be headed to Seaton to try up my pb of 1lb 13oz

Posted by Jamie Rich

  1. You have to catch your tench from one of the canals!


  2. Yes would deffo like to catch a nice canal tench, fancy showing me how to do it?


  3. Tiverton Canals pretty reliable for a tench or two. I think the Taunton-Bridgwater has a good head of them aswell but not fished it yet myself. We could definitely meet and have a crack at them (when the weather improves!)..


  4. Yes would be brilliant, my mate Scott knows the T & B pretty well, I'll ask where the best places are. Just need some decent weather now!!!!!


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