Month: May 2012

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Summerhayes – Open – 30th May 2012

I had a days leave today and had booked into a match at Summerhayes, Janders fancied a day out as well so I picked him up and off we went, it was another glorious sunny day and I was hoping I’d draw a peg where I could fish for silvers. I wasn’t actually sure which lake we’d be on and was pleased

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 5 – 27th May 2012

Round five arrived and it was another hot day, I was running a little late and got to the draw, paid my pools and then it was time to draw for the pairs final. Bish got drawn with Bushy and I got drawn with Mike T. Then it was time for those who hadn’t had corners yet to draw and I was

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Summerhayes – Open – 20th May 2012

I was on a real high after Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on penalties to win the Champions League final and was hoping for a good days fishing to finish the weekend on a high. The match today was on Lily lake and I’ve only fished it once and managed to win the silvers that day with 7lb 8oz and was hoping for

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 4 – 13th May 2012

Well finally the sun was shining and it was a glorious day and for the first time in ages it looked like I wouldn’t need my waterproofs. First job of the day for Les was drawing for the semi finals in the pairs, I got partnered with Bushy against Exeter Mike and Weymouth Dave and the other semi saw Bish and Mike

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Summerhayes – Open – 9th May 2012

I always take a days leave on my birthday (unless it falls on a weekend of course!) and today I booked into a match at Summerhayes. It was on Willow Pool which is a bit of an unknown entity as it’s never used in matches and I was quite excited about fishing a new water. There were only eight booked in for

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Summerhayes – Open – 7th May 2012

Up and off to Bridgwater for my second match in two days, the forecast wasn’t great at all for today but I was looking forward to a day of fishing for silvers. One of the first people I saw on my arrival was Bobby Gullick and was surprised when he said we were fishing Sellicks today and not Longs. Apparently Longs had

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 3 – 6th May 2012

I woke up and was relieved to see it actually wasn’t raining for once! The temperature was still a little chilly but a vast improvement on recent weeks. I got out the pond and the first thing Les had to do was draw for the pairs, I got paired up with Picky and we were up against Chilly and Mark Mockridge. Then