Month: June 2012

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 8 – 24th June 2012

The weather was truly awful on Saturday and I was relieved to open the curtains and see it wasn’t raining and the wind had dropped. I got out the pond and Les was soon drawing for the knockout and I was up against my nemesis Janders today. I pulled out peg 7 and decided to play my joker as it’s been a

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 7 – 17th June 2012

Yesterday me and Andy went to Seaton after the mullet again but it was a horrible day, wet and very windy and the river was a horrible chocolate colour, needless to say we never had a sniff of a fish and the best part of the day was the sausage and bacon sarnie in the morning. After that disaster I was hoping


Dillington Pond – Royal Oak Summer League 3 – 10th June 2012

As there was finally an Ilminster match that didn’t clash with Perry St, I was at Dillington today. The previous two matches had been won on the whip (both by Heardy for a change!) with 8-10lb so I intended to do the same but also fish a chopped worm line for later in the day. I got to the pub and there

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Summerhayes – Open – 6th June 2012

Me and Andy headed for Summerhayes again and for me it was my third match in four days, I’d really enjoyed the match on Monday and had a lovely net of silvers and was hoping for more of the same today. Most of the usual suspects were there including Bruce Hunt and Heardy who was looking to make it a hat trick

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Summerhayes – Open – 4th June 2012

I’d booked into Summerhayes for today and Andy was coming along too as he’d enjoyed himself the last time he fished it. I was up early (for a change) and picked Andy up half an hour before the agreed time and we set off. We made good time and the match was on Longs today and Pete said it had been fishing

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Perry St Pond – Spring League 6 – 3rd June 2012

I was running late today and turned up at the pond and the draw was well underway, Les told me I’d drawn peg 13 which I was quite pleased about as it’s been a consistent peg. Janders was next door on 14 and I had the Hoff on 12 with Bushy in corner peg 11. With a few people away there were