Month: September 2015

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Dillington Pond – Pairs Open – 27th September 2015

I wasn’t actually sure I’d be able to go fishing today as my amazing, lovely Mum passed away on Friday morning after battling a brain tumour for the last five months. It’s been a horrendous time for my Dad and me watching her deteriorate and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but at least she’s at peace now. I didn’t really want to spread

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Summerhayes – Open – 20th September 2015

We were back on Longs for this match and I fancied a draw on the far side, something like peg 2 again would do me but by the time I stuck my hand in the bucket there was only one ball left, a quick look revealed my home for the next six hours would be peg 29. I must admit I was a


New Site Supporter

I always get quite excited when I’m contacted by a company and it’s usually to ask if I will review their latest products on the blog, to me it’s a huge privilege and an unexpected perk although I’m also not that naïve to not realise it’s a good way of getting very cheap advertising. So when the latest e-mail pinged into my inbox I was

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Dillington Pond – Summer League 10 – 13th September 2015

I was a bit late getting to the draw this morning and as I walked into the pub I was greeted with a huge cheer! There was another good turnout of twelve anglers today and over the course of the league we’ve had twenty different anglers fish, which is fantastic to see and just goes to show what a great little venue the pond

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Summerhayes – Open – 6th September 2015

The last time I fished Summerhayes the match was switched to Longs so I knew it was supposed to be on Sellicks today and when I phoned Pete to put my name down, he confirmed it. That didn’t stop me from hoping he might have a change of heart again but on arriving there would be no such luck this time and Sellicks it

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Jumping On The Banned Wagon

In my recent post Fishing and (anti) Social Media I touched on why us anglers are our own worst enemies and also method and bait bans. Before I get on to the latter, there was a prime example of why we don’t do ourselves any favours in the angling press and all over Facebook recently. It was reported that the five hour