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Landsend – Open – 13th January 2024

Nick and me headed to Landsend on Saturday for the open match on lake 2, twelve of us fishing today so basically every other peg in. I drew 19 on the far side which looked nice with a gap in the island and Nick was down on 15. It was pretty chilly and with the pond flat calm and painfully clear, it

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Landsend – Open – 2nd December 2023

After really enjoying our last visit to Landsend, Nick and me booked in for this week’s Saturday open, we were in for a cold one though as the temperature dropped towards the end of the week and winter announced it’s arrival with several frosts and some flurries of snow! As I loaded the car in morning, it was bitterly cold and I

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Landsend – Silvers Only – 19th November 2023

I haven’t fished Landsend for a while so when I saw Tony R advertising a silvers only match on FB, I booked in along with Nick and Parker The Pole who both said they fancied it as well. There was a slight twist compared to the usual matches in that F1’s which normally count as silvers wouldn’t today. A nice, civilized 9:00

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Landsend – 2nd April 2023

Stoke AA’s lake series kicked off at Landsend on Sunday and with 22 anglers fishing, we were on lakes 1 and 3. Apparently lake 1 was the place to draw for silvers with lake 3 expected to be quite hard. After a lovely breakfast at the fishery, it was draw time and there was the usual scrum of people grabbing tickets from

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Landsend – 3rd April 2022

After a really enjoyable first visit for ages a couple of weeks ago, I was back again for a Stoke match. I had to defrost the car in the morning and it was a decidedly chilly start, the Ilminster posse met at the garage and headed off in convoy (10-4 rubber duck!). We had breakfast at the fishery and then the 16

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Landsend – Open – 19th March 2022

I’d only ever fished Landsend once, a long, long time ago, in fact I couldn’t even tell you which lake I was on! After seeing regular results on social media, it looked lovely with some cracking nets of silvers so I finally got my act together and booked in for one of their Saturday matches. I was awake before my alarm and


Landsend Fisheries – 25th March 2007

This match was the first time I had visited Landsend and with tales of big bags of silverfish I was quite looking forward to it. After losing an hours sleep due to the clocks going forward I was on my way. I found the fishery fairly easily and there were some faces at the draw I hadn’t seen for a while, Big