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Private Pond – 27th February 2022

I always get excited about fishing somewhere new and when some of our club members had an invite to fish a fairly local lake, a fact finding match was organised. A few of the lads went to have a look and fished a pleasure session. I was expecting them to report it was mainly carp and although a few were landed, they


Private Pond – Ilminster Warehouse League 1 – 6th October 2019

For the first Ilminster Warehouse match we had the opportunity to fish a private syndicate lake that I’ve heard a lot about over the years but never even seen, let alone fished, so I was really looking forward to it. I popped out on Saturday with Gordon and Karl to see what it was like and it looked lovely, albeit a bit


Private Pond – Ilminster Warehouse League 4 – 2nd December 2018

After struggling for pegs on the river for the last round, I didn’t know what to do for round four but then somebody suggested asking a friend of ours if we could use his pond. It’s an intimate little venue at the bottom of his garden!, I’ve fished a few matches on it, a long, long time ago, before the blog even


Private Pond – Summer League – 11th July 2010

For round five we were fishing a private pond and I couldn’t wait as there were supposed to be big roach, rudd, skimmers and tench and big weights were expected. The pond is primarily a carp venue and we decided to make it a silvers only match. There were thirteen of us at the draw and I pulled out peg 1 which