Month: September 2009

Resi 27th Sep 09

Chris Patten Memorial – Chard Reservoir – 27th September 2009

Once again I was privileged enough to receive an invite to this popular event and was quite looking forward to it as the resi is fishing really well at the moment. I got to the carpark fairly early and it was already nearly full! Les had driven back from his holiday especially for the event and was already in full organisational mode!

Alan Dunn 15th March 2009

Chard Reservoir – 20th September 2009

With no proper match on this week, Les organised a fiddle on the resi for committee members. At the draw there were nine of us and Les had put us on pegs 32-39 and I really fancied another crack at 39, I came close when I pulled out 38. Alan Dunn drew peg 39 and Les said he’d empty it as a

Chard Resi 3rd Aug 2008

Chard Reservoir – 13th September 2009

With the Dillington league over, I thought I’d give the resi a bash. On my arrival I received much good natured banter about me being lost and why wasn’t I out the pond, even my poor blog got a slating about the fishing at Dillington being like having teeth pulled (thanks Mark!). Looking around the draw queue it was like a who’s

Rob With Chub

Dillington Pond – Summer League – 6th September 2009

As I hadn’t fished last weekend I was really looking forward to getting back on the bank. There were only nine of us at the draw and if the golden ball didn’t go the money would be paid out today. If it went, just the top three would be paid out, if not the top four and two sections would be paid.


Evesham Festival – 28th-29th August 2009

Saturday morning saw me and Andy heading to Evesham for our annual pilgrimage, after a mix up where they had no record of my booking at the pub (again!), we finally got it sorted and put our stuff in the room. Then it was off to the river where once again it was fishing hard and we only saw a few small