Month: May 2015

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Summerhayes – Open – 31st May 2015

After a lovely days fishing on Sellicks last Monday, I was back for another go today although the match was on Longs this week and I’ve struggled on this lake a bit of late. There are a lot more small fish than there are in Sellicks and trying to fish with expanders is a nightmare and banded pellets just seems to result in very odd

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Summerhayes – Pairs Festival Day Two – 25th May 2015

After a really tough day yesterday, I was hoping we’d get a few more bites today. When I got there, it looked like the carp had finished doing their ‘business’ as they weren’t thrashing about anymore although I really didn’t know if this was a good or a bad thing as far as the fishing was concerned. Glynn and Nigel were leading both

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Summerhayes – Pairs Festival Day One – 24th May 2015

Another bank holiday weekend arrived which means another two day mini festival at Summerhayes and Ray Wickham was my partner again. There were a few more fishing today which meant one of us would be Longs and the other on Sellicks and then vice versa on day two. As soon as I arrived I went to pick up a couple of nets and could see

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Perry St Pond – League 4 – 17th May 2015

Round four arrived and it looked like we were in for a glorious day weather wise, the only downside was that the Torquay Tart was standing in for somebody today! I was actually a little early for a change and paid my pools before having a chat with Janders and the Tart. The rest started turning up, fresh from having their breakfasts, well

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The Handmade? Float Revolution

The world has gone handmade float mad! Although I was probably late to the party (just for a change!), I first became aware of the handmade float revolution through reading articles featuring Steve Ringer in the many fishing mags where he was using MW Diamonds and F1 Slims made to his own specifications. The first handmade floats I actually bought were some Malman Pencils which I’d

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Perry St Pond – League 3 – 10th May 2015

Round three arrived after I’d had a really crappy week where my Mum was taken ill on Wednesday and rushed to Musgrove hospital and then it was my birthday on Saturday (39 again!) but obviously I didn’t really feel like celebrating much and I also wasn’t really up for this today. I got to the pond and we were a few short for

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Summerhayes – Mini Festival Day 2 – 4th May 2015

Day two arrived and looking out the window, the weather looked rather nice and there was even some sunshine! I was in a really good mood after a great start yesterday with a lake silvers win and Chelsea winning the Premiership, I just needed to draw a decent peg on Longs now. I got a coffee and waited while Pete and some of the

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Summerhayes – Mini Festival Day 1 – 3rd May 2015

I always look forward to these two day events and this weekend it was individuals and not pairs, on arriving there was a decent turnout of sixteen anglers including the Wickhams and fellow blogger Dom Sullivan, no sign of Brandon, thank God! I paid my pools for the two days and had a coffee before it was time to draw, we were all on Sellicks today and