Month: April 2015

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Perry St Pond – League 2 – 26th April 2015

Firstly there should have been a blog yesterday describing how Steve Hurford and myself went to Seaton and caught lots of big mullet but despite seeing loads and having them swim around our floats we never had a bite between us all day. To be honest the weather wasn’t great for it and we had a fair bit of rain but I still enjoyed


Hayley Goldsmith Interview

My latest interview is with the lovely Hayley Goldsmith from Bait-Tech and if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to keep a massive bait company running smoothly, please read on….. Against Men and Fish – Hi Hayley, I’ve known you for a few years now and through your role at Bait-Tech you have been very supportive of this blog and have helped me

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Perry St Pond – League 1 – 19th April 2015

I always look forward to the start of the Perry St league and catching up with everyone and on arriving at the pond I could already see quite a few familiar faces like Les, Bish, Butch, Bushy and Rocking Roy, unfortunately I could also see the Torquay Tart but fortunately he was standing in for someone so I won’t have to see him every

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Summerhayes – Open – 12th April 2015

It was back to Summerhayes today for match number five in eight days, the scores on the doors so far weren’t too bad, Ray and me won the two day silvers pairs festival, I missed out on a silvers pick up by 2oz on the Wednesday and then I was second in the silvers yesterday, so what would today bring? Depending on

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Summerhayes – Gary Bull/England Disabled Team Fundraiser – 11th April 2015

Mark Cox arranged this match to raise funds for the England disabled and ladies teams and worked really hard to publicise the event and getting loads of firms on board who gave generously for the raffle. There was a real buzz around the match as more and more people put their names down for this very worthy cause including a certain Mr

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250,000 hits, yes you read that right, quarter of a million (if only I had a £1 for each page view!), a figure that I could only dream about when I started blogging way back in 2006 (where did those nine years go?). As I’ve said before I didn’t start with any grand master plan in mind, I just loved fishing and really

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Summerhayes – Open – 8th April 2015

After a very enjoyable two days fishing over the Bank Holiday weekend, it was back to Summerhayes today for match number three in four days. I was a bit late picking Janders up but we got there in good time, only to be met by the worst news possible that Clive Cunningham had suffered a heart attack at the fishery the previous

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Summerhayes – Pairs Festival Day Two – 6th April 2015

It was another glorious, sunny day as I made my way to Bridgwater for day two, as I arrived most people were already there and all the silvers anglers were hoping to avoid the carp pegs today and vice versa. Pete announced the draw and the anglers who had been in the high numbers yesterday were in the low numbers todays so Ray

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Summerhayes – Pairs Festival Day One – 5th April 2015

As per usual Pete runs a two day mini festival over the Bank Holiday weekend and my partner was Ray Wickham once again, in the last one we both did well on the first day but blew out on day two when we drew good carp pegs! Also the texting from the Torquay Tart started last week as he advised me to get