Month: June 2009

Alvins Legs

Dillington Pond – Summer League – 28th June 2009

Conditions were still very hot and muggy although at least it was overcast for this one. The pond level was back up a bit as well and once again loads of big fish could be seen moving about. I really fancied drawing on the bottom bank and got my wish pulling peg 12 out of the bucket. I got to my peg

Alvin Jones

Dillington Pond – Evening League – 24th June 2009

Scotty Russell had phoned me the night before from Dillington to say there were fish everywhere, bream, chub and several big carp!!!! So I was really up for this one, I left work early and was at the pond a little before the draw. There was a decent turnout (well for a Wed night!) of eight and Robin Cox said we could

Les 21st June 09

Chris Haines Pond – 21st June 2009

Now I really ought to love this venue but I just can’t seem to get my head around it, there’s loads of silvers but I always seem to get bogged down with the carp and as a consequence never win any dosh. Well today I was determined to just go for silvers and hopefully catch any carp that come along. Match organiser,

Float 14th June 09

Dillington Pond – Summer League – 14th June 2009

Another blazing hot day awaited us for round three of the Summer league and once again there was a good turnout of 16 anglers. I drew peg 8 on the far side quite close to where I was last match and I was quite pleased with my peg. I made myself comfy and started setting up, first out of my rig tray

Alan 7th June

Perry St Pond – Spring League – 7th June 2009

The last round arrived and I was lying in third place in the league, but my position was by no means safe with Alan Dunn, Picky and Terry Green-Niblett breathing down my neck. Second place was also achievable with Steve Bush only three points ahead of me, Chris Haines was too far ahead for me to catch although Steve could with a

Dillington Pond

Dillington Pond – Summer League – 31st May 2009

Saturday was scorching hot and today looked liked it was going to be more of the same. After the pond fished quite well on Wednesday night, I was hoping that it would continue today. I got to the Crown for the draw and there were 16 anglers fishing, which is a great turnout for our little matches. As ever everybody wanted peg