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Dean Barlow Interview

Another first for this blog, my latest interview is with a World Champion, Dean Barlow, one of the England squad that were recently crowned World Feeder Champions! Against Men and Fish – Hi Dean, first of all a massive congratulations to you and the England Feeder Team on becoming World Champions and retaining your title, a fantastic achievement. What did you do to celebrate?


Hayley Goldsmith Interview

My latest interview is with the lovely Hayley Goldsmith from Bait-Tech and if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to keep a massive bait company running smoothly, please read on….. Against Men and Fish – Hi Hayley, I’ve known you for a few years now and through your role at Bait-Tech you have been very supportive of this blog and have helped me


Johan Attby Interview

My latest interview is a little bit different, on the back of my recent review of the FishBrain app I managed to secure a chat with the CEO of FishBrain, Johan Attby. Hi Johan, many thanks for agreeing to answer my questions as I realise you must be an extremely busy man, Against Men and Fish – For the readers who aren’t familiar


Andy Neal Interview

As promised recently here is the fourth in my series of interviews with some top names in the match fishing world. This time around, Bait Tech and Frenzee consultant, Andy Neal, tells us a bit more about what makes him tick.  Hi Andy, thanks for agreeing to answer my questions, let’s start with some easy ones, Against Men and Fish –


Bonus Interview!

I haven’t done an interview for a while and hopefully I have another big name in the angling world lined up but until then, here’s a little ‘tongue in cheek’ interview to tide you over (and you may even find some bits interesting!). Hi Jamie, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, I’ve known you for a


Steve Mayo Interview

Here’s the third in my series of interviews, this one is with top match angler Steve Mayo just before he jets off to start a new life in Thailand as a fishing guide. Hi Steve, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, I recently had the pleasure of your company on a trip to the lovely Gillhams


Dave Harrell interview

After the success of my first interview, here as promised is the second one with river legend Dave Harrell, I hope you enjoy it River Legend, Dave Harrell Hello Dave, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions, Against Men and Fish – It’s widely known that you are a fan of moving water but what’s your favourite


My Next Interview

My first interview with Pete Clapperton (which can be found here – link) was a resounding success and I’ve had some great feedback from it, I’ve put just a few of the comments I’ve received below, “Great stuff mate” – Tony Curd “Cracking, really enjoyable read” – Tim Ford “Told you over many a pint you missed your vocation great stuff can’t be


Pete Clapperton Interview

In a first for this blog and something new which I hope you will find interesting, I have managed to secure an interview with Bait Tech supremo, Pete Clapperton. I have to say a massive thank you to Hayley for setting this up and hopefully I’ll have some more interviews in the near future with some top anglers, people in the tackle