Month: May 2010


Perry St Pond – Spring League 6 – 30th May 2010

This could be the shortest blog ever! The day started ok with it being overcast and the fish had stopped spawning and I thought it might fish quite well. We were all back in with a chance of drawing a corner, of course corner boy Les got peg 10, Dunner had 11 and I drew peg 6, which is actually a pretty


Perry St Pond – Spring League 5 – 23rd May 2010

The weather was much warmer for this one, blistering hot in fact and when I got to the draw people were saying there were carp everywhere but they had one thing in mind – spawning! We could be in for a frustrating day. The four remaining anglers who hadn’t had corners drew first and then the rest of us went in the


Dillington Pond – Evening League – 19th May 2010

Last year the evening matches fished a lot better than the Sunday fixtures and I was hoping this would continue this year. I was slightly worried that it might still be too early as the weather has been very changeable but the last few days had been glorious. As always I got to the draw a little late (nothing new there then!)


Dillington Pond – Summer League – 16th May 2010

The first match of the Summer League was met with grey clouds and the threat of rain – great! At the Crown there was a decent turnout of eleven anglers with everybody wanting to draw pegs 1 or 16. Of course I didn’t get either, drawing peg 6 which is a decent peg on the far bank. The big surprise was that


Chris’s Pond – 9th May 2010

I was up early to get ready for Picky collecting me at 7:00, it was my birthday too (28 again) and we were off to Chris Haines’s pond at Clivey. Picky turned up on time and we shoe horned all my kit into his car and set off via Cartgate for a brekkie. Oz and Bish also had some nosebag before the


Dillington Pond – Blind Pairs – 3rd May 2010

After a good night out at the Phoenix watching a band with my mate Andy it was off out Dillington for a very reasonable 12:00 draw for the blind pairs match. There was a decent turnout of ten anglers including Martin Heard who showed me some of his photos from his recent Thailand trip and it looks amazing and I can’t wait


Perry St Pond – Spring League 4 – 2nd May 2010

The weather for round four was awful (for a change!), I pulled out peg 4 and although not a flier, it did ok last match with Les catching 11lb odd off it. Les (or corner boy Les as he’ll now be known) drew peg 10 but didn’t rate his chances because the wind was blowing towards the other end. I had Steve