Month: August 2010

Two Day Results

Two Day Charity Match on Chard Reservoir

Chard held the two day match on the resi on Sunday and Monday and this year over £200 was raised for cancer charity which is fantastic. Also fantastic was the fishing and on the Sunday Paul Blake demolished the match record with over 230lb of bream, an amazing weight. Paul had nearly 50lb on the second day to finish second over the

Evesham 2010 3

Evesham 28th and 29th August 2010

Just got back from my annual pilgrimage to Evesham festival with Andy, there were lots of small fish being caught thanks to bloodworm and joker being allowed over the three days. The first day was won with over 22lb of bream and the top five all had double figures. Simon Willsmore ‘balling it in’         Milo Columbo    

Roger Russell Headshot

Summerhayes – Evening Match – 26th August 2010

With the nights drawing in, this was to be the last evening fixture on Sellicks of the year and although the weather wasn’t great it was better than yesterday. There was a rather depleted turnout due to several anglers getting a soaking at Durleigh yesterday, the stay aways included Alvin, Scotty and Bruce Hunt. I drew peg 9 and Roger was on

Malcolm Headshot

Dillington Pond – Summer League – 22nd August 2010

There was a good turnout of 13 for this one and I pulled out peg 17 and was well happy with that as it’s a decent peg. When we got out the pond we had the added bonus! of the Festival of Yesterdays Farming taking place on the estate all around us, so much for a quiet days fishing! At least on


Summerhayes – Open – 15th August 2010

With nothing else on, I booked into the open at Summerhayes, I had to pick Scotty up in the morning as he had a heavy night! The match today was on Longs pond and there are more silvers than Sellicks so I was looking forward to a good day. There were around 20 anglers booked in and I managed to pull out

Scott Headshot

Summerhayes – Evening Match – 12th August 2010

I was looking forward to another evening ‘sprint’ at Summerhayes and was determined to just fish down the track tonight as I was sure 30lb or so could be achieved and this is normally enough to get in the frame. Also you tend to catch more silvers down the track and normally between 5-8lb is enough to win the silvers pool. There


Dillington Pond – Summer League – 8th August 2010

I was at a bit of a loss how to approach this match as I can’t seem to compete on the whip and targeting big fish is too much of a gamble. The trouble with the whip is that during the daytime matches the whip line fades as the match goes on, some people have been fishing the pole slightly further out

Bruce Headshot

Summerhayes – Evening Match – 5th August 2010

With the Dillington evening league over I decided to fish a few of the Summerhayes evening matches so I can get my twice weekly angling fix! With the forecast being for a windy night, Scotty was in two minds whether to fish or not but when I arrived he was there! Of course I was pleased to see him but it also

Les Shop 1st Aug 2010

Chris’s Pond – 1st August 2010

With no club or league matches, Les arranged a match at Chris Haine’s pond at Clivey and I was hoping for a repeat performance of the win I had on my birthday (yeah right!). I had to pick Janders up and was most disappointed when I turned up and he didn’t have a new hat for me to photograph (c’mon John, buy