Month: January 2013

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Dillington Pond – V.E.S. Precision League 6 – 27th January 2013

Lots of rain on Saturday meant that most of the snow had finally gone, the trouble was it had gone straight in the river meaning it was unfishable yet again. So it was back out the pond again, I spent quite a while on Saturday putting new elastic in my pole and tying up size 20 B511’s to 0.08mm hooklengths as I didn’t

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Dillington Pond – Royal Oak Winter League 7 – 20th January 2013

Well the rain finally stopped only to be replaced by snow on Friday, I was sure I wouldn’t be fishing this week but no more snow on Saturday and the roads were pretty clear for me to drive to Yeovil to pick up bait. Fieldy messaged Rob on Facebook to ask if there was still a match on to which he replied yes


Ilminster Canal – V.E.S. Precision League 5 – 13th January 2013

With loads of rain on Saturday I knew we wouldn’t be on the river so spent ages making up rigs and tying hooklengths ready for the pond on Sunday. In the morning, the rain had finally stopped but the temperature had dropped a few degrees and it was a tad chilly! I got to the pub for the draw and Rob said

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River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 6 – 6th January 2013

After a relatively dry spell we were actually able to get back on the river for this one, Rob messaged me on Saturday and asked where I fancied and I said the top end but on arriving at the pub for the draw it looked like he had put us down Isle Brewers. I fancied 120 (despite the walk) or 126 but

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Summerhayes – Open – 2nd January 2013

I’m still on my Xmas hols so I booked into a match at Summerhayes today, it was on Sellicks and I was determined to try and fish the punch all day for carp. There was a decent turnout including Roger Russell, Jamie Parkhouse, Heardy, Bruce Hunt and Scotty who is on a roll here at the moment. I wanted a peg where I