Month: December 2012


2012 Yearly Review

This year I thought I’d do a yearly review which is something new for my blog and what a year it’s been! January I started the year off down at Chard Reservoir and despite it being pretty hard going, I managed to win my section with three roach and a skimmer for 2lb 14oz. My next outing was to my favourite venue,

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Dillington Pond – V.E.S. Precision League 4 – 30th December 2012

This match was a rescheduled V.E.S. winter league fixture from 25th November, that day we fished a knock up out the pond and it had fished rock hard and I won with fourteen roach for a lowly 1lb 5oz. After loads more rain in the week, I was sure we’d be back out the pond today for another grueller. I really fancied a

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Another Ambition Realised

When I started fishing back when I was ten years old (where did all the years go!), I was keen to learn as much as I could about angling and started buying all the fishing magazines. One of these was David Hall’s Coarse Fisherman and I still have a few editions from 1980, I’ve bought most of the mags over the years but

Summerhayes Prizes

Summerhayes – Xmas Match – 23rd December 2012

With no match scheduled on the river this weekend I booked into the Xmas match at Summerhayes and driving over the river this morning, it was unfishable anyway. I got to the venue with half an hour to spare and sorted out my keepnets before paying my pools and saying hello to all the usual suspects. There was a really good turnout of

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River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 5 – 16th December 2012

We had quite a bit of rain on Friday and some heavy showers on Saturday which left me fearing we’d be on the pond again but Rob messaged me and said the river looked good and we’d all be at Redbridge for this match. I was really looking forward to it as the forecast was good for today and it was a


The River Isle So Far This Year

After a really cold snap, it’s now cetainly a lot milder and the rain yesterday must have put some colour in the river so all the signs look good for the match tomorrow (I’ve probably jinxed it now!). I was just looking through the results so far and it makes pretty interesting reading, we’ve managed to get on the river eight times

Steves Roach

River Isle – Xmas Fayre – 9th December 2012

After several frosts, the temperature wasn’t too bad this morning, I got to the pub and it was great to see a decent turnout. Steve Bishop was back for another visit, Martin had brought the Old Fossil (Malcolm Levy) for a day out and Andy Welch, Ned and Dave Gudgeon were all fishing their one annual match. Rob had spread the pegs

Steve Bishop

River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 4 – 2nd December 2012

Well the rain finally stopped, only to replaced by colder weather and several frosts, winter is well and truly here! It would interesting to see how the river fished today after it fished hard in the last match two weeks ago where only 5lb 6oz was needed to win. We had a frost in the morning but the temperature wasn’t actually too