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River Isle – IBC Winter League 1 – 1st October 2017

I was really looking forward to getting back on the river and all the signs were good after some of the guys had been down swim clearing and reported seeing loads of fish. Some other good news in the week as well when the blog went past 600,000 hits, thank you so much for all your support and great feedback, I really

River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League 7 – 19th February 2017

After last weeks bitterly cold conditions, it was lovely and mild all week and after a couple of very mediocre pegs in the last two river matches I was hoping for a better one to end this league on a high. A few of us met at the Little Chef again and it was great to see Harry again and Terry ‘The

River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 9 – 12th February 2017

After having a lovely day last Sunday, I spent most of the week praying for rain but it was dry and cold and it looked like we’d be in for another tough match on the river for the last league match. We even had a light dusting of snow on Saturday and waking up the following day, it was bitterly cold. A

River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 8 – 29th January 2017

After a cold and frosty start to the week by Saturday the weather changed yet again, getting milder and we had a fair old drop of rain too, enough that I actually thought we might end up out the pond (I wish we had now, which might give you a fair idea of how this blog is going to go!). A few

River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League 6 – 22nd January 2017

After some wicked cold frosts in the week and the river back to being very low and clear, it was always going to be difficult for the penultimate V.E.S. Precision match. Going into this match I was lying in joint fourth place with ten points, three off the lead and nothing but a section win would do if I was to stand

River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 7 – 15th January 2017

It was all change with the weather again as the temperatures plummeted during the week, we avoided the snow but had a lot of rain although the river was pretty much back to normal level by Sunday. A few of us went to the Little Chef for breakfast again before heading to Upper Coxes to meet the others and do the draw. Rob

River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League 5 – 8th January 2017

Before I get on to this weeks match I had some lovely feedback from the blogs Facebook page and also via the contact form, thank you so much, it really does make my day when I know people enjoy my ramblings. This was from John on Facebook ‘Others have tried and failed yours is different what I call straight from the bank to the

River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 6 – 1st January 2017

Firstly I’d just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope your hangovers aren’t too bad. Before I get onto the days fishing, I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all your support as the blog continues to go from strength to strength and is breaking new ground all the time. December saw the blog exceed 20,000

River Isle – V.E.S. Precision League 4 – 18th December 2016

The weather stayed really mild all week and we had a fair bit of rain which put some colour in the river but it didn’t last long. It was a very foggy morning as I headed to the Oak for the draw and all the normal faces were there. Looking at the section boards, I didn’t really mind where I drew with the

River Isle – Royal Oak Winter League 5 – 11th December 2016

After the Baltic temperatures of last Sunday, it was all change again in the week as the weather turned really mild and some rain on Saturday was very welcome too. All the signs were there for a very good match, we just needed the fish to play ball now. I got to the pub nice and early and it was lovely to