Month: May 2022

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Avalon Fisheries – 22nd May 2022

For the third Stoke match we were at Avalon and after another lovely breakfast at the bowling club (thanks Charlotte), we were on our way. We arrived via the odd U-turn and once again it was really well attended with 24 anglers fishing this one. When everyone had assembled and paid their pools it was time for the draw. There was an

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Coombe Farm – IAA Spar Summer League 1 – 15th May 2022

I was really looking forward to the start of our Summer League, which this year is being sponsored by the Spar in Ilminster, so a massive thanks to them for supporting us. We were fishing a new venue in the shape of Coombe Farm who were letting us have a five round series. In the exploratory match back in February, it had

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Revels Fishery – Open – 10th May 2022

I booked a couple of days off work as it was my birthday on Monday (hard paper round I know!) and I fancied another trip down to Revels the following day. Last Tuesday I was the first to arrive so top of the list which meant first out of the bucket and got drawn peg 14. This week, I had a more

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Higher Farm – 8th May 2022

Another new venue for me this week with Stokes latest match at Higher Farm, in fact it was two matches in one with the club officials holding their Committee Cup on one lake and then the rest of us oiks fishing the other pond! Chanter invited us for breakfast at his place cooked by the lovely Teresa (and it was top notch)

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Revels Fishery – Open – 3rd May 2022

For my third match in as many days, I was back at Revels and after a Billy No Mates breakfast in Yeovil I arrived in good time and was one of the first ones there. The car park soon started filling up and along with all the usual suspects Rich Chave was back and on for a hat trick of silvers wins

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Summerhayes – Open – 2nd May 2022

For the Bank Holiday Monday we were at Summerhayes and the match was on Sellicks again, I met Nick and Terry for breakfast in Taunton and then it was on to Bridgwater. Another great turnout of 17 anglers including Adie Bishop who I haven’t seen for ages. All too soon it was time for the draw and as I’d booked in first

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Hebditch’s Pond – Charity Match – 1st May 2022

Another Bank Holiday weekend means lots more fishing, first up was another charity event at Hebditch’s followed by Summerhayes on the Monday and then I’d also booked Tuesday off to go to Revels. Most of us met at the bowling club for the obligatory breakfast (and very nice it was too) before we headed to the memorial hall in Stoke-sub-Hamdon for the