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Dillington Pond – Open – 5th February 2017

More horrendous weather during the week with loads of rain and strong winds so Rob made the right decision to swap venues and hopefully with some colour in the pond, we should all get some bites. Although when I woke up we’d had a frost which probably wouldn’t do us any favours. After another really good Little Chef breakfast we headed to the pond for

Dillington Pond – 28th December 2016

With Xmas Day falling on a Sunday this year and the next scheduled match not until New Year’s Day, I thought I’d put it out there to see if anybody fancied a knock up midweek. I suggested the Weds or Thurs and asked people to let me know their preference, it was a close run thing but in the end Weds just

Dillington Pond – 20th November 2016

With Rob away playing darts, organising this weeks match fell to me, towards the end of the week, the temperature dropped and we even had some brief flurries of snow! There was also a lot of rain forecast for the weekend but with landlord Steve off chucking arrows as well, we were meeting down the river, so would be able to see

Dillington Pond – Pairs Open – 18th September 2016

After a pretty disastrous Summer League, I didn’t have high hopes for my bad run ending today unless I did something different and with it being a pairs match I felt the best chance of me and Hurf doing well would be just to get our heads down and fish the short pole. I actually made up a couple of rigs yesterday to fish two

Dillington Pond – Summer League 10 – 11th September 2016

It’s been a great week for the blog as it flew past 400,000 hits but even bigger news is that Against Men and Fish has a new site supporter, regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of Bait-Tech products and I am over the moon to now be associated with them. I look forward to bringing you details of new products, reviews

Dillington Pond – Summer League 9 – 28th August 2016

I got to the pub quite early and it was already really busy, Rob said we had 19 booked in for today which I think is the biggest turnout so far and shows how well the pond is fishing. On the down side, I couldn’t have my usual sausage sandwich as they’d run out of bread! Along with most of the regulars,

Dillington Pond – Summer League 8 – 14th August 2016

We were meeting out the pond today so I got up early for a change and stopped off at Burger King to get a coffee and a sausage and egg muffin thingy which I have to say wasn’t great! There were sixteen anglers booked in for today as the pond’s popularity continues to grow, even the Langport Invader, Baz Morgan, had joined

Dillington Pond – Summer League 7 – 31st July 2016

After drawing peg 4 in the last two matches, I was hoping for a change of scenery today (although not 24 either as I’ve been on that one twice as well!), I got to the pub fairly early and there was another decent turnout of thirteen anglers. Rob announced the draw and both Ash and me hung back hoping somebody else would pull

Dillington Pond – Summer League 6 – 17th July 2016

With being away, I missed the last match which Fieldy won with a fantastic 38lb caught on the short pole, Graham had six bream plus loads of roach, a lovely net of fish. The draw was at the pond today and as I arrived there were already a fair few cars there, Rob had a family function which meant Hurf was in

Dillington Pond – Summer League 4 – 19th June 2016

I actually managed to get to the pub early for a change and it was great to see another good turnout of fifteen anglers at the draw. Steve P had a rather fetching new hat on and we think he was going for the Bob Nudd look but somebody said he was more like ‘Nob Budd!’, see what you think? Steve (or