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Summerhayes – Open – 12th August 2012

I was really looking forward to getting back to Summerhayes and hopefully a nice days skimmer fishing. But with 29 fishing, Pete had decided to use Sellicks and Lily and I was desperate to avoid Lily as a good weight of silvers on there is 10lb and that won’t normally be enough to compete against Sellicks. I’d picked Janders up and when

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Summerhayes – Open – 1st August 2012

As I’ve got the week off, I booked into the match on Sellicks today, Brendon was also fishing and had been texting me loads about how he was going to whoop my ass again (I’m starting to get a bit worried about his fixation with my ass!). The forecast wasn’t great today with fairly strong winds and rain on the cards. There

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Summerhayes – Silverfish Festival Day 2 – 29th July 2012

I was up early again and on my way, everybody at the draw was saying they didn’t want to draw Lily lake as it would be won with a low weight and if anybody ties on points it goes to weight. Glyn Wickham and Brendon kept on that I would be on Lily and I was sincerely hoping that wouldn’t be the

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Summerhayes – Silverfish Festival Day 1 – 28th July 2012

I was so looking forward to this mini festival and was actually awake really early, I got to Summerhayes at 10:00 and the draw wasn’t until 11:00! There were already quite a few ‘stars’ there, including the Wickhams, Nigel Garrett and Steve Jackson. Last match I had a crisis of faith and got Pete to order me a kilo of worm and

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Summerhayes – Open – 22nd July 2012

I booked into Summerhayes today as it would be my last chance for a practice before the silvers festival next weekend. It also looked like summer had finally arrived with a weird orange thing in the sky above us. The match was on Sellicks and there was a decent turn out, I drew quite late and pulled out peg 4 which is

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Summerhayes – Open – 1st July 2012

I was looking forward to getting back to some silver fish action today and there was quite a large contingent of Chard boys fishing including me, Andy, Janders, Exeter Mike and Brendon Ions. Brendon has been putting loads of practice in and was determined to get his pound back from the last Perry St match. I’ve been getting loads of texts from

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Summerhayes – Open – 6th June 2012

Me and Andy headed for Summerhayes again and for me it was my third match in four days, I’d really enjoyed the match on Monday and had a lovely net of silvers and was hoping for more of the same today. Most of the usual suspects were there including Bruce Hunt and Heardy who was looking to make it a hat trick

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Summerhayes – Open – 4th June 2012

I’d booked into Summerhayes for today and Andy was coming along too as he’d enjoyed himself the last time he fished it. I was up early (for a change) and picked Andy up half an hour before the agreed time and we set off. We made good time and the match was on Longs today and Pete said it had been fishing

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Summerhayes – Open – 30th May 2012

I had a days leave today and had booked into a match at Summerhayes, Janders fancied a day out as well so I picked him up and off we went, it was another glorious sunny day and I was hoping I’d draw a peg where I could fish for silvers. I wasn’t actually sure which lake we’d be on and was pleased

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Summerhayes – Open – 20th May 2012

I was on a real high after Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on penalties to win the Champions League final and was hoping for a good days fishing to finish the weekend on a high. The match today was on Lily lake and I’ve only fished it once and managed to win the silvers that day with 7lb 8oz and was hoping for