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Summerhayes – Open – 27th August 2012

After yesterday where Long’s fished pretty hard, it would be interesting to see how Sellicks fished today. There were only 12 of us today which would probably help as both ponds don’t seem to fish so well with nearly every peg in. Brendon and Glynn were both there and out for revenge after yesterday and we had another silvers winner takes all

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Summerhayes – Open – 12th August 2012

I was really looking forward to getting back to Summerhayes and hopefully a nice days skimmer fishing. But with 29 fishing, Pete had decided to use Sellicks and Lily and I was desperate to avoid Lily as a good weight of silvers on there is 10lb and that won’t normally be enough to compete against Sellicks. I’d picked Janders up and when

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Summerhayes – Open – 1st August 2012

As I’ve got the week off, I booked into the match on Sellicks today, Brendon was also fishing and had been texting me loads about how he was going to whoop my ass again (I’m starting to get a bit worried about his fixation with my ass!). The forecast wasn’t great today with fairly strong winds and rain on the cards. There

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Summerhayes – Open – 22nd July 2012

I booked into Summerhayes today as it would be my last chance for a practice before the silvers festival next weekend. It also looked like summer had finally arrived with a weird orange thing in the sky above us. The match was on Sellicks and there was a decent turn out, I drew quite late and pulled out peg 4 which is

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Summerhayes – Open – 30th May 2012

I had a days leave today and had booked into a match at Summerhayes, Janders fancied a day out as well so I picked him up and off we went, it was another glorious sunny day and I was hoping I’d draw a peg where I could fish for silvers. I wasn’t actually sure which lake we’d be on and was pleased

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Summerhayes – Open – 7th May 2012

Up and off to Bridgwater for my second match in two days, the forecast wasn’t great at all for today but I was looking forward to a day of fishing for silvers. One of the first people I saw on my arrival was Bobby Gullick and was surprised when he said we were fishing Sellicks today and not Longs. Apparently Longs had

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Summerhayes – Open – 15th April 2012

After a bit of a bad run where I’ve gone three matches with no brown envelopes, I was really looking forward to this one. Hopefully I’d be able to have a nice day catching silvers. I spent ages on Saturday making up four new rigs, all sparkly Malman pencil floats, I re-elasticated two of my pole tops and put a pulla bung

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Summerhayes – Open – 1st April 2012

Up and off quite early for this one (well for me anyway!) and on arrival at Summerhayes, several people said I wouldn’t be fishing for silvers today! Apparently the fish were on the top gasping for air earlier due to low dissolved oxygen so Pete had to put the aerator on which would create a fair bit of tow. I was hoping


Summerhayes – Open – 28th December 2011

STOP PRESS After last weeks blog, Scotty messaged me to say there was a match at Summerhayes on Sellicks if I fancied it, so I had one more chance to try and break the £1300 mark. My alarm going off at 6:30 was a bit of a shock to the system, as was getting up in the dark! I got to Bridgwater


Summerhayes – Open – 6th November 2011

After two weeks with no brown envelopes and no Ilminster match this week I booked into a match at Summerhayes. The match was on Sellicks and I have a pretty good record on this lake so I was hoping to get back to winning ways again. At the draw there were all the usual suspects like Mark Leahy, Heardy and Bruce Hunt